What are the Do’s and Don’ts of Adding Animation to Your Website?


Know the basics

Animations come in all shapes and forms. Some can be subtle and some vivid. Animations are setup as interactive reactions to the user behaviors. It can be applied to small elements like arrow or a video background that is shown on the entire screen. When you understand the basics of animation and graphics at Graphic Design Companies In Singapore, you can perceive animation in a strategic way.

Practice moderation

Never go overboard with animation. This is because it can make the site heavy and overburden its performance. At the same time, you don’t want to distract the visitors too. always keep things in moderation for a smooth browsing experience.

One task at a time

Animation only looks best when you can justify it with a defined purpose. It means that animations can be used to perform a task by guiding the users to show them where to scroll and click or by supporting the storytelling by revealing items with time, or by visualizing the impact of the product or service or by breaking the site scroll with motion.

What should be animated

Elements that trigger a behavior like navigation buttons, linked images or CTAs or the elements that provide direction. It can also be applied to loading bars or the ones that are meant to draw attention like message icon etc.