Duplex plate material grade


Duplex Plate is the name given for all duplex steel plates in general. There are number duplex steel types and grades. The material grade is determined by the addition of alloy materials in the composition. There are chromium and molybdenum as the main alloy elements. Nitrogen is also added and other elements are added case by case. The grading goes into three major categories. They are standard, super and lean grades. The standard grade is the most used. Therefore most duplex plate materials are made up of standard duplex grade. Duplex steel has a mixture of mechanical properties from the ferritic and austenitic steel phases in its metallurgic microstructure. That is, they are very strong, corrosion resistant and high temperature high pressure resistant.

These products are therefore used under high corrosion environments such as the marine and seawater applications, high temperature applications such as engine parts and thermal power plants and also in high pressure applications like the hydraulic systems. The plates are also used in transportation sector due to their low wear and tear. The duplex stainless steel plate can also be seen in architecture and construction industries due to their excellent tensile strength. These type of steels have very low thermal expansion ratio which makes them suitable for high temperature applications. These are also used in oil and gas industries, pulp and paper industries, chemical industries, water desalination plants, water tanks and storage tanks for waste water management systems and more. The duplex 2205 plate is a standard duplex grade and its pricing is affordable because of the wide availability.